Key Staff


Alana Spruce – Director / Property Management

p. 0458 801 888 e.

Since Alana began in the property management industry in 2002, she has experienced almost every facet of the industry, with roles ranging from receptionist to leasing consultant, department head and ultimately, Director.

Throughout her career, Alana’s warm nature, attention to detail and genuine understanding have helped guide many first-time property owners and tenants through the often confusing elements of leasing and rentals. Similarly, her keen organisational skills have seen her nurture a fledgling business into a leading name in the Melbourne property management field.

An avid follower of everything that’s happening in the property market, Alana thrives on the diversity of the role and the opportunity it provides to explore unique and effective ways to help property owners find quality tenants, and help tenants find their ideal rental home.

“No two people are the same, and I’m always looking to find ways to make the process of renting easier and more fulfilling. I’m quite process driven, and probably a ‘little OCD’ however I find this is a trait needed in property management. On the flipside, I love a good chat, and this personal connection is just as important.”

In her spare time, Alana is a keen foodie and, proud owner of two West Highland terriers, all of whom share her love of the beach and an active outdoor lifestyle.


Stefan Deffert - Managing Director / Officer in effective Control

Drawing on more than twenty years’ experience in the real estate industry, Stefan brings a wealth of practical knowledge and skill to deliver tailored consultancy services across the full spectrum of the property sphere.

From real estate sales and management to project coordination, buyer advocacy, business acquisitions and advice, Stefan’s wide-ranging expertise has been the foundation of his achievements, personally and for his clients.

At the age of 19, he embarked on his career in property, steadily honing his talents for strategic analysis; clear, logical, open communication; and a naturally positive attitude. Within a decade, he had established his own firm, and his immediate success was nationally recognised when BRW named his company one of Australia’s top 100 ‘Fast Starters’ for 2008.

Since then, Stefan’s keen eye for identifying business potential has seen him turn numerous property-sector businesses around, and go on to excel in both the residential and commercial fields.

Uniquely however, Stefan offers more than just an enviable track record of real estate experience to his clients. As a licenced builder and accredited electrical engineer, he can offer a rare and valuable insight into the opportunities and challenges of built assets.

This may also explain Stefan’s structured, logical and considered approach to business.

“Everyone should ‘know their product’, and through my early training in construction and design, I have been able to benefit from a knowledge of real estate that is far deeper than that of most estate agents.”

The knowledge, discipline and logical training resulting from these early practical experiences continues to pay dividends to Stefan and his broad base of clients, who range from new and experienced homeowners and buyers to business operators, commercial lessors and tenants, owner-builders, and property investors.


Emily Simms - Mypm Associate

Prior to embarking on her career in real estate, Emily excelled as an Occupational Therapist working across a variety of healthcare settings, and honing her practical, administrative, leadership and management skills. This unique career progression also afforded her a valuable capacity for problem solving and analysing individual and organisational needs.

Despite her achievements in the health sector, real estate was never far from Emily’s mind, and has been a passion of hers since childhood. Both her father and grandfather were successful real estate agents, and, growing up, she was never far from the excitement and buzz of auctions, inspections and sales negotiations. Naturally, this keen interest led her to invest in property herself, recognising the long-term value and security that it offers. Backed by this personal knowledge, background and experience in the sector, Emily transitioned into a career in real estate in 2012.

Since then she has developed an even greater insight into the specialist tools of sales, property management, business administration and buyers’ advocacy.

As an associate at Mypm, Emily looks forward to helping her clients achieve exceptional outcomes in all aspects of property and business ownership, through innovative solutions and strong, long-term, trusted professional relationships.


Carmel Williams - Assistant Property Manager

m. 0499 043 879 e.

“A strong, open and mutually beneficial relationship between tenant and landlord always leads to the best results: namely a reliable, stress-free return for the owner, and a place to respect and call home for the resident. It’s this balance that I strive to achieve with every property.”

Drawing on her background as both a renter and homeowner, combined with her genuine appreciation for the needs of both tenants and landlords, Carmel is perfectly placed to help her clients reap the rewards of secure, stress-free leasing of their property.

After studying commerce at university, Carmel worked in domestic and international relocations. Here, Carmel developed a keen attention to detail and honed her skills in planning and communication – adopting an effective solutions-based approach to negotiations. 

Carmel’s experience in relocations fostered an ongoing interest in property (leveraging Carmel’s own property experience), and this inspired Carmel to move into real estate leasing and underpins her passion for her role within the Mypm team.

Melbourne’s exceptional population growth is also giving Carmel the opportunity to explore the city during the leasing campaign and gather valuable insights into the many factors driving Melbourne’s flourishing rental market.

Naturally affable and approachable, Carmel works tirelessly in establishing rapport with tenants and owners– smoothing communication channels and ensuring that matters are dealt with in a timely manner, with practical, positive outcomes. 

You can be confident that your property and tenant are in good hands and Carmel is working hard to deliver the best care and result.


Annabel Webb - Assistant Property Manager

m. 0484 001 396 e.

The desire for a career change led Annabel to complete her agent’s representative course and embark on a career within the property management industry. Prior to joining Mypm, she worked as a sales consultant and earned a bachelor’s degree majoring in printmaking.

Her creative flair and lateral thinking abilities combined with years of customer service experience allow her to approach working relationships in a professional yet refreshing manner. With a knack for envisioning new people in their perfect home, Annabel can recognise the potential in properties and effectively match them with the best-suited tenants.

Before achieving the purchase and renovation of her own home, she spent many years as a tenant. Her first-hand experience at both ends of the property management spectrum as well as a love for her job's diversity and meeting new people mean she is committed to accomplishing the best possible outcomes for her clients.